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Vans Park Series Malmö 2017


To be honest, we at Solo have some backlog demand regarding the transition section and we’re already happy that we’ve got the Frontside Indy thing right. Nevertheless, it’s a pleasure to follow Vans’ invitation to its Park Series. Although we barely dare ourselves into the Deepend, the spectacle brought by boys like Pedro Barros, Alex Sorgente or Grant Taylor is huge.

It all started with the European Continental Championships of the ladies on Friday. From a German perspective, things went well with Catherine Marquis making the third place. Winner was Pole Ameli Brodka right before Frenchwoman Shani Bru.


Rune Glifberg – Smith


Continental Champion Rune Glifberg

Also, the boys carried out the Continental Championships where they had the chance to save themselves a place in the finals in Shanghai. Rune Glifberg used the ticket, and now, has to renew his visa. In the end, the qualifications for the Park Series on the next day were on the agenda, which Tom Schaar could decide in his favour.

On Saturday, the said Park Series as the main event was on the agenda (at this moment no one could foresee that a legendary karaoke party would take place, but that’s another story). Everything was set for a perfect airshow under the best weather and the level of skating even improved compared to the previous year as the runs of the three winners show. 

So much to the athletic part, otherwise the days in Malmö have also been eventful apart of the contest (f.e. the said karaoke party). Some had to do with beer, although the Swedish are on a pretty strict line regarding alcohol. A few bone fractures are being reported. Cody Lockwood broke his wrist at the tombstone when he tried to do a Noseblunt Nollieflip Out after the finals, while others got their arms broken by the miserable bouncer… all in all it has been good times, though. 2018 we’ll be there again, for sure. Until then we’ll try to further extend our transition skills.