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Sammy Montano interview

hard work pays off

For his own colorway on Globe, Sammy Montano has put six months of blood, sweat and tears in his new part. We talked to Sammy about his shoe and how to easily modificate it. He also told us how he got suspended from elementary school. If you like to read more about Sammy, have a look at our article from issue #26.


How are you? What’s up?

Everything is good. Just got done finishing the video part for the shoe. I’ve been skating everyday for the past six month.

So you have your colorway for Globe. How did that happen?

I mean basically when I came on Globe, Dion Agius had a shoe I really liked. I just kept skating that shoe everyday. When I got approached about a colorway, I asked if I can get it in that shoe and if they can change the insole. It ended up working out and I got that shoe. It’s one of my favorite shoes to skate. It’s very comfy and looks nice. Very simple.

Did you help to design that shoe?

The shoe already existed. It’s just a shoe I really liked.

So is there any Costa Rican influence?

I mean there is no really color influence beside the green for the jungle. But for sure everything I do and everything I skate is inspired by Costa Rica. If I wasn’t in Costa Rica with all my friends who skate and surf I would never be skating.

"I’ve been cutting these shoes a lot into lows"

Will there be a lower version of the shoe or just the high one?

I’ve been cutting these shoes a lot into lows and I’ve been trying to push them to make it low because it fits really nice when its low and its good to have the option to skate a high top or a low top.

So you just take a scissor and cut it off?

Exactly. On the shoe there is a stitching by the ankle. You can cut half an inch about the stitching and it comes out perfect.

There is a drawing by your own inside the shoe, right?

Yeah I did a one line drawing of a face with an expression. He is looking off into the distance in a sense. Those things are fun. I do a lot of one liner, it's really quick and easy.

"I remember when I was in elementary school I drew a planet throwing up a middle finger and I got suspended for it."

So you draw a lot?

Yeah I used to do a lot of painting on the streets and stuff like that. Now I just draw on paper.

How did you get into drawing or art in general?

I think in young age. I was always drawing stuff. I remember when I was in elementary school I drew a planet throwing up a middle finger and I got suspended for it. I’m always drawing weird shit.

Soloskatemag Sammy Bsheel

Backside Heelflip

Do you have some more plans with your art?

Yeah for sure. I’ve just been drawing a lot and keep on drawing. I’ve been posting my stuff on Instagram and a lot of people hit me up and telling me they want to buy it.

Are you looking forward to your release Party?

Dude I’m so happy. I was skating and filming every day, eating shit every day and trying to finish this part. Sometimes you wish you had more time, like I wish I had a year filming for this. But it’s all good.

Soloskatemag Sammy Smith

Frontside Smith