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Issue 23 Cover

Issue 23

The new issue is here! With Val Bauer, Rémy Taveira, Justin Sommer, Nestor Judkins, Threee, Justin Ernst & Benedikt Brinkert.

Solo 023 Remy Opener
Solo 023 Justin Sommer
Solo 023 Ruhrpott Boys
Solo 023 Nestor Judkins Opener
Solo 023 Val Bauer
Solo 023 Threee

Valentin Bauer – How I met your mother

You might think that you know who you are, your character, your personality, your failures, but there is an old saying that has been around since the dawn of mankind that goes, “Mother knows best!” Lille-born and now Paris-based Öctagon and PACCBET rider Val Bauer has a very good relationship with his mum Emmanuelle (although she’s living quite far away from him in Zurich now) and no problem to let her do the talking for him in his interview. 

Bauer Bsollie

Backside Ollie

Bonjour Rémy! Bonjour Paris!

There’s so many good French skaters out there at the moment, it seems like they put some special ingredients in their croissants. And not just that they rip super hard, they are stylish, too. Well of course, they’re French. So I guess it’s in their red wine-strengthened blood. But enough with the clichés, let’s stick to the facts. Rémy Taveira is one of those guys. He has constantly been putting out high-quality footage over the last years. He’s always going for it – but with esprit, which has now earned him a spot in the Carhartt WIP team. And to introduce him properly, his teammates visited him in Paris and tried to get to know him a bit better by asking some questions.

66 questions for Justin Sommer

Justin Sommer has a German cellphone number. For Berlin, of course. And a Spanish cellphone number for visiting Barcelona (which happened quite often recently). If you think then that two numbers double the chance of getting ahold of him, you’re wrong. Especially when his phones are on flight mode all day long. But we’re used to that. Flip tricks and chill can keep you busy – especially if you flip on a level like Justin. Nothing to do besides skating right now but thereof quite a lot. After all, he’s one of the most promising German skaters right now. In the end, it worked out to get him on the phone, and we had prepared 66 questions for him (by the way, credits to Moritz von Uslar). Tampa, US board sponsor, Olympic team, body varials – let’s get it on!

Justin Sommer Interview

Gap To Backside Nosebluntslide

Justin Ernst & Benedikt Brinkert – Never stop skating. Never stop raving.

If you’re aged between 18 and 20, you’re right in the middle of it. If you’re older, you’ll certainly remember how those times were. There’s not much to do in life besides skating, hangin’ with the homies, talking bullshit, and going out raving. It won’t get more easy-going, that’s for sure. You’re old enough to do everything and still young enough to get a pass with whatever shit you come up. It’s the classic skateboard lifestyle that won’t last forever. Justin Ernst and Benedikt Brinkert, two friends rooted in Ruhr area, who just recently popped up on our radar out of nowhere, seem to know that cause they enjoy their time to the fullest. Therefore, we didn’t want to get them into a stressful interview situation but just let them chill with familiar company – the Heckmecks girls’ gang – for a little chat to get to know those two new faces a little better.

Benedikt No Comply

Benedikt, No Comply

Justin Cannonball Bs

Justin, Boardslide Cannonball

Nestor Judkins Portfolio

Nestor Judkins has been spending half of his life in front of the lens of the skateboard world, smoothly operating his skateboard throughout countless video publications – from the Tiltmode Army to Enjoi to several audiovisual offerings from the brand with the three stripes. It’s known to many that he’s one of the nicest and most-traveled guys around. But chatting with him in the streets of London, the Leica around his neck, and hearing his passionate stories sparked my interest to dig deeper into his photography. It was obvious that there must be something else about it. And, luckily, he was eager to share it with all of us.


All good things go by threee, and so does our latest video project with adidas – featuring their new talents hitting the European capitals. 

Catena Front Blunt

Pol Catena, Frontside Bluntslide