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Copenhagen Open 2019

Once again Copenhagen Open. This time a little bit earlier then last year and exclusively in Copenhagen. But with some trips to the surrounding countryside. We attached us to the Feel-Good-Caravan on Thursday.

Trainride to Helsingør

It started with a ride in a historic train, included brass band. On the way to Helsingør we made a stop at a small train station where we had a miniramp session. Sadly the ledge session in Helsingør afterwards fell into the water. The rain flushed the whole crew back to Copenhagen.


Oski behind arm

Rabalderpark Roskilde

A water overflow basin that's a skatepark at the same time? A water slide obstacle? Rainbow drinks? The day started off unexpectedly and continued even more unexpectedly.

Svendborg Downhill

After two hours of bus drive we suddenly found us at a small village called Svendborg. Where you possibly can find the only downhill in Denmark and it became a fast and funny destruction. Someone also won and became the fastest of the hill. But even those who slid with their skin on the ground were some kind of a winner. After this the session at the local skatepark started.


Polar Surprise at Israels Plads

Because of the Polar x Nike Collab they tinkered a giant shoe obstacle together and put it at the Israels Pads where everyone attacked it with their skateboards. After this there was another side mission. If the crook yank out was finally landed wasn't documented. We had to go on.



Finals at the Triangle

The final at the triangle was next. At the end Ishod Wair won the whole thing once again after he already won in 2017. Afterwards we went to a huge session at a giant BMX-bowl before the whole thing was finished with a Polar video premier and an after party.



Austyn Gillette – Kickflip to fakie


Mags – A brief glance

Jun 11, 2019

Nike SB x Polar Skate Co. – Polar Rico

Jun 11, 2019