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Das Days Paris

Paris is the European city where skateboarding is happening like nowhere else right now. So it was an easy decision to organize the European "Das Days" there as well – and the Parisian kids were hyped. 

The Das Days are not over yet, there are still a few more to come. To be exact, there are events until October 6th. However, the prelude and main event were already on the weekend. On Friday it started with the premiere of the new Titi Gormit part (which is now online on Free Skatemag) that caused standing ovations and beer showers. We have rarely seen a video premiere in which every trick was celebrated like an ender.


Lucas Puig


Titi Gormit Part Premiere Moshpit

On Saturday it went straight on with the same euphoria. At first jumpramp and slappy session, then Lucas Puig picked up the guys with a Peugeot and pulled a bunch of skaters into a nearby car park, where the car was finally skated (or destroyed).


Kai Hillebrand

Zum Abschluss des Samstags gab es schließlich noch eine Ausstellung der Fotos, die Alex Pires über den Sommer in Paris geschossen hat, während das adidas Team dort für einen Clip filmte, der ebenfalls Premiere feierte. Danach war noch Zeit für ein Konzert und der Rest verlief schließlich, wie Samstag Abende in Paris eben verlaufen. A life full of romance and celebration.


Alex Pires Exhibition


Romeo Elvis concert


Things got lit


Romain & Peter


Nora Vasconcellos